What Can KIDS JIU JITSU Do For Your Child?

BJJ Is SAFE For Your Child.

Parents may wonder if this combat martial art is safe for their children, and the answer is YES!  In BJJ there is no striking. Bullying in school has become a problem of epic proportions. BJJ does not encourage fighting but rather teaches children how to control and manage aggressiveness. If a child is attacked they are able to defend themselves and gain control from a ground position. These aspects in turn breed confidence.

BJJ Improves a Childs PHYSICALITY.

Children today as a whole are unfortunately much less active thanks to video games and social media. Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great way to introduce physical  activity to your child. They will learn not only how to defend themselves from a bully, but also about making healthy lifestyle choices. From a physical standpoint BJJ will help improve their coordination, balance, flexibility and strength, all while burning calories and most importantly, having fun!

BJJ Improves a Childs Focus, Discipline and Confidence.

Kids will gain respect for their Coach, other adults in their life and themselves. They will also learn how to block out other distractions and concentrate on what they are learning in class. This often carries through to other parts of their lives—like getting homework done on time and obeying parents.