Expertise Rates Mada Krav Maga Best Martial Arts in 2018

We Looked at 219 Martial Arts Teachers serving Detroit and Picked the Top 19

Mada Krav Maga offers self-defense classes to all ages in Shelby Township, MI. Classes include Krav Maga training for kids and adults. Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, yoga, interval training, general self-defense, Jeet Kune Do, Kali, weapons training, military combatives, and law enforcement training are all taught at Mada Krav Maga. The head instructor at Mada Krav Maga Adam Munzing has been studying the art for over two decades and holds instruction certifications in Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

“Mada is well worth the 40 min drive 3 days a week after a 10 hr work day. The atmosphere is amazing, the training superior, and the Instructors well able to train and teach. Glad we are here! Here’s to the blood, sweat and years it takes to earn black!”

Web Bailey

“Okay this is a great place if you want to learn how to fight, tone up and loose some weight. When you sign up you must dedicate yourself to coming… be prepared to get tire since there is a lot of woman and guys within the class that know how to grip you up and take you down… I must also add the kids program is also great.. on a last note the gym smells great… it’s a must check out if you are looking for something new…”

Anthony Gross

“Great place for kids! They get to learn how to defend themselves in real life situations, Adam and Sarah are both great with the kids thank you both!”

Tom Drost

“2nd week down and I have learned a great deal. It’s fun, exciting and I look forward to it after work. Also the new location is amazing, great job Adam!”

Patrick Deng, Your Content Goes Here

“Wow, yup this pretty much sums up my 1st class!!! Adam is a great instructor. He makes sure you’ve got the moves and are preforming them correctly. I was extremely nervous but my partner (really the whole class) made me feel welcome and that I could do almost anything!! Thank you Adam and I’ll be seeing you next week 1f642.png

Wendy Frazee

“Super workout! Adam is an amazing instructor: down to earth, high intensity, great focus on technique. Love this place!”

Bart Feys

“I can’t say enough how much I’m enjoying this class. I wish I could come more than I do. Adam is a great instructor and the workout is awesome!”

Michael Catalano

“Awesome place to get in shape and learn self defense. Adam is a great instructor, and makes you feel comfortable.”

Rochelle Barrette Vespie, Your Content Goes Here

“Krav Maga is a great workout and you learn technique that you know will work. Definitely try it out!”

Angela LaRosa Marke

“Thank you to the family and instructors today for showing us self defense. Love it!”

Sarah Bella (RE: Find Dani, Womens Self Defense Seminar)