A students belt color is determined by their level of training and the belt system serves as a way for students to mark their progress. Classes are highly intense and each belt level has a specific set of challenges that students must become proficient in before advancing to the next belt. There is no SET TIME that it takes to advance from one belt to the next. Also, each level require different times to complete because as a student advances the level of difficulty and skill required increases. It takes approximately 6 months for the first belt. It takes 10 months to a year for the following belts but students may advance at different paces dependent on how often they train, their skill level and quite frankly, their eagerness. Once the required amount of time for a particular level is met Mada Krav Maga requires that students be tested in order to advance to the next belt. Before each belt testing the Coaches will give students the curriculum that contains all of the elements that are required to step up to the next level.

In the entry level (White Belt) class for students who are new to Krav Maga the class teaches the basics of self defense and fighting, including fighting stance, hand/elbow combatives, punches and kicks from standing and ground positions, knife, gun and stick defenses, choke defenses, Bear hugs, basic grappling and takedowns.

The curriculum below shows the approximate timeline that it takes to advance to the next belt.

Beginner/Intermediate Levels

The Basics Of The Krav Maga System

Intermediate/Advanced Levels

Learn Advanced Techniques At These Levels

Advanced Levels

Instructor, Law Enforcement and Military Techniques